We are the only provider of certificate and diploma-level Shiatsu training in Aotearoa!

The full Shiatsu Practitioner Training is divided into two parts: The Shiatsu Certificate (Foundation Level – 1 year) and the Diploma in Shiatsu Therapy (Practitioner Level – 2 years) to make up a 3 year course.


This two-year practitioner level diploma builds on the foundation-level certificate of Shiatsu. Participants will learn in-depth the philosophies behind Shiatsu treatments, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory, and oriental practices. The course covers detailed methodology and techniques for treating a wide range of ailments and diagnoses with Shiatsu, as well as oriental diagnoses and developing treatment plans. Participants are guided in their journey to become professional practitioners as they complete case studies and student clinics, study ethics and business skills, find their own style within shiatsu and work towards making bodywork their livelihood.

The diploma course is made up of 1100 hours of teaching, online reading and self-directed learning. Student should expect to spend between 10 and 12 hours weekly on course-related activities in addition to the 10 full weekend courses per year.

During the 2 year program, students will:

    • deepen knowledge of the 12 meridians, including inner pathways, point localisation, alternative positions for treatment
    • deepen self-reflective practice and understanding of oriental therapies
    • study the elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in more detail, including anatomy & physiology as seen in TCM, the human body in relation to Qi, blood, body fluid, zang-fu and extraordinary organs
    • study Traditional Chinese Medicine understanding of pathology in terms of etiology (cause) and pathogenesis (mechanism)
    • understand and apply diagnosis and treatment theories to shiatsu and other medical practice
    • explore Traditional Chinese medicines and nutrition
    • learn extended techniques of mobilising, stretching and positional transitioning of clients during shiatsu treatments
    • learn the location and meaning of Bo points, Yu points and Shu Points
    • be guided to develop their own shiatsu practice
    • learn new techniques with the use of feet, elbows, knees etc
    • gain a theoretical and practical understanding of Oriental Diagnosis
    • learn Hara diagnosis and treatment
    • learn Business skills, Ethics, Legal, and other relating modalities
    • learn shiatsu principles and techniques as they relate to various ailments and patient groups
    • and much more!

A part of the diploma training is made up of elective course modules, so that students can shape the direction of their program to suit their interests and needs.

Pre-requisites: Introductory Shiatsu Weekend Course and Foundation Level Shiatsu Certificate

To attain the diploma, participants must:

  • attend all 14 compulsory weekend courses (over 2 years)
  • complete a minimum of 6 elective courses (over 2 years)
  • attend regular tutorials and independent study groups
  • gain 200+ hours of practical experience with shiatsu sessions and supervised student clinic
  • complete 200-400 hours self-directed learning, reading and assignments
  • 100+ hours self-reflective daily practice
  • hold a current NZ level 2 First Aid Certificate


1. Introductory Weekend Course

2. Foundation Level (1st year) (CERTIFICATE)

  • 10 weekend workshops
  • tutorials – monthly, 1 evening after each weekend course – optional but recommended, distance options may be available
  • independent study group / swaps > 2x monthly recommended – optional
  • 30x Practice sessions on friends and family with written reflections
  • written essays
  • own daily reflective practice in: meditation, breathing, oriental discipline
    (50-100hrs expected thoughout the year)*
  • Anatomy and physiology (min 100 hrs)*
  • 1st aid course – level 2*

(The certificate course encompasses a minimum of 500 hours of teaching, online reading and self-directed learning. Students should expect to spend between 8 and 10 hours weekly on course-related activities in addition to the 10 weekend courses.)

3. Practitioner Level (2nd & 3rd years) (DIPLOMA in Shiatsu Therapy)

  • 14 (compulsory subject) weekend workshops
  • 6 (elective subject) weekend workshops
  • tutorials – monthly 1 weekday evening after the compulsory subject workshops
  • independent study group / swaps with other students > fortnightly
  • own practice: 200 treatments with written reflection
  • Monthly rotational student clinic (3rd year only)
  • Essays and case studies
  • independent study / reading
  • daily reflective practice in: meditation, breathing, oriental discipline*
  • experience 5 shiatsu treatments from professional shiatsu practitioner (SPAANZ member)*
  • Individual tutoring / mentoring session (2-3hrs)*

(The diploma course is made up of a minimum of 1100 hours of teaching, online reading and self-directed learning. Student should expect to spend between 10 and 12 hours weekly on course-related activities in addition to the 10 full weekend courses per year.)

Assessment: Internally assessed through competency in practical performance
(student clinics and weekends), essays and case studies.

*External Provider / Courses or sessions to be booked separately and not included in academy course fees

1. Intro Course

Introductory courses usually cost $350 for the weekend. There may be some variation based on venue. For full details of upcoming courses, please visit the course page.


payment options:

  1. $4790 full payment up front
  2. $890 deposit, then
    $400 monthly (x10 months)
    TOTAL $4890
  3. $690 deposit, then
    $110 weekly (x40 weeks)
    TOTAL: $5090

Anatomy/physiology course (approx $400) and First Aid Course (approx $250) are external and not included in the course fees

3. Years 2 & 3 – DIPLOMA

payment options:

  1. $9980 full payment up front
  2. $4990 (two-time payment, initial payment at enrolment, with the second payment due in full 8 weeks prior to commencement of year 3 courses)
    TOTAL: $9980
  3. $1380 deposit, then
    $400 monthly (x22 months)
    TOTAL $10,180
  4. $1030 deposit, then
    $110 weekly (x85 weeks)
    TOTAL: $10,380

Level 2 First Aid Course (approx $250) is external and not included in the course fees
also not included in the fees are the shiatsu treatments and individual mentoring sessions
extra elective courses (after the 6x compulsory electives) available at discounted rates for current students (subject to availability)

DIploma course fees include student membership to Shiatsu Practitioners Association of Aotearoa NZ (SPAANZ)

…Deposit payable on enrolment, installments due monthly or weekly as per payment plan.

All fees are in NZD (New Zealand Dollars).


Pay it forward:
options available to pay part or all of a course for another student

Scholarships and financial assistance:
alternative payment schedule by individual arrangement
recipient of pay it forward scheme (depending on availability)


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