We are the only provider of certificate and diploma-level Shiatsu training in Aotearoa!


The introductory weekend course is for anyone interested in bodywork, personal growth and development. The course teaches the basic principles and techniques of Shiatsu Bodywork and enables participants to practice and experience what Shiatsu feels like as a giver and receiver.

CERTIFICATE IN SHIATSU Foundation Level (1 year)

The certificate course will enable participants to use basic Shiatsu techniques on friends and family, for relaxation, wellness and fun.  Bodywork practitioners and therapist can integrate Shiatsu therapy principles into their established modalities.

DIPLOMA IN SHIATSU THERAPY – Practitioner Level (2 years)

This two year practitioner level diploma builds on the foundation level certificate of Shiatsu. Participants will learn the philosophies behind Shiatsu treatments, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory, and oriental practices. The course covers detailed methodology and techniques.