Diploma in Shiatsu Therapy

Become a Qualified Shiatsu Practitioner

The course follows on from the Shiatsu Certificate, and completes the Diploma in Shiatsu Therapy, enabling you to practice as a qualified Shiatsu practitioner.

Your Shiatsu Journey

This course is also a personal journey… A journey on which you deepen new ways of thinking, and explore who you are as a practioner and Shiatsu therapist.

A journey of learning

You will massively deepen your knowledge and practice of Shiatsu, and take your understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine to the next level.

Get Qualified for as little as $100 per week!

The perfect combination of ancient wisdom paired with a modern understanding of anatomy, physiology, and psychology.


September 2025 – May 2027


Katikati, Bay of Plenty


Autumn Falk

and others

Elevate your Shiatsu practice with our Diploma in Shiatsu Therapy and change people’s lives!

Say Hello to your new Career!

Practice and grow your skills with other Shiatsu-Inspired Students like you.

Train towards becoming a professional Shiatsu Practitioner.

Part-time, weekend study for 2 years, and self-paced online components.

Pre-requisite: completion of Certificate in Shiatsu  (or equivalent).

What you will learn

This two-year practitioner-level diploma program builds upon the foundational Shiatsu certificate. Participants will gain an extensive understanding of the philosophies underpinning Shiatsu treatments, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory, and oriental healing practices. The curriculum delves deeply into the methodology and techniques required to effectively address a wide spectrum of ailments and diagnoses using Shiatsu, along with the application of oriental diagnostic methods and the development of comprehensive treatment plans.

Throughout the program, participants are guided on their path to becoming professional practitioners. They will engage in case studies, student clinics, explore ethical considerations, and develop essential business skills.

Moreover, participants will cultivate their unique style within the practice of Shiatsu, ultimately working towards establishing bodywork as their chosen livelihood.

During the 2 year program, students will:

  • deepen knowledge of the 12 meridians, including inner pathways, point localisation, alternative positions for treatment
  • deepen self-reflective practice and understanding of oriental therapies
  • study the elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in more detail, including anatomy & physiology as seen in TCM, the human body in relation to Qi, blood, body fluid, zang-fu and extraordinary organs
  • study Traditional Chinese Medicine understanding of pathology in terms of etiology (cause) and pathogenesis (mechanism)
  • understand and apply diagnosis and treatment theories to shiatsu and other medical practice
  • explore Traditional Chinese medicines and nutrition
  • learn extended techniques of mobilising, stretching and positional transitioning of clients during shiatsu treatment
  • learn the location and meaning of Bo points, Yu points and Shu Points
  • be guided to develop their own shiatsu practice
  • learn new techniques with the use of feet, elbows, knees etc
  • gain a theoretical and practical understanding of Oriental Diagnosis
  • learn Hara diagnosis and treatment
  • learn Business skills, Ethics, Legal, and other relating modalities
  • learn shiatsu principles and techniques as they relate to various ailments and patient groups
  • and much more!

    This diploma program encompasses a total of 1100 hours, comprising direct instruction (Therotheoryy and practice), online reading, and self-directed study. Students should allocate between 10 to 12 hours each week for coursework-related activities, in addition to attending 10 full weekend courses per year.



    The regular price is $9980 for the two year program.  This price includes:

    • all tuition & instruction*
    • all student support during the course
    • all course materials
    • catering during the weekend course modules
    • lifetime access to the online platform including all course handouts and reading
    • student membership for Shiatsu Practitioners Association Aotearoa (SPAA) (NZ)

    Students who enrol in our Diploma in Shiatsu Program and pay a deposit before the 1st August 2025 will receive an earlybird discount of $350.

    Payment plans are available for students who wish to pay monthly or weekly. A deposit is payable at the time of enrolment with the weekly and monthly payments starting before course commencement. Please see payment plan details by choosing a plan below.

    *students will be responsible for any costs associated with the personal reflective practice, Shiatsu sessions, and external courses (if any)



    Regular Price


    EarlyBird Price


    EarlyBird price is available until 31st December 2024

    To claim your $380 discount, please use the code: EARLYDIPL at checkout

    Pay in Full Pay with Payment Plans


    Students must complete at least one Weekend Shiatsu Retreat with Shiatsu Bodywork Academy and the Shiatsu Certificate Training or equivalent.


    To be eligible for the graduation certificate, participants must complete the following requirements:

    • attend all 14 compulsory weekend courses (over 2 years)
    • complete a minimum of 6 elective courses (over 2 years)
    • attend regular tutorials and independent study groups
    • gain 200+ hours of practical experience with shiatsu sessions and supervised student clinic
    • complete 200-400 hours self-directed learning, reading and assignments
    • 100+ hours self-reflective daily practice
    • hold a current NZ level 2 First Aid Certificate
    Study Outcome

    After completion of the Diploma in Shiatsu Therapy (Practioner Training), graduates will be fully qualified Shiatsu Practitioners and recognised by the Shiatsu Association of Aotearoa (SPAA) for full professional membership.

    "This course helped me both personally and professionally, for understanding myself and where I want to take my working life"

    "I would recommend the course to people interested in shiatsu"

    "Self care and self learning all rolled into one."

    "What a great practice and learning to ground into the body and learn about facilitating balance"

    " I loved the mix of Oriental and Western wisdom, and both the simplicity and complexity of it all."

    "It was accessibly delivered, with attention to detail, and within a beautiful environment."

    Course Module Dates

    Modules dates

    • Module 1: Thursday 4th – Sunday 7th September 2025
    • Module 2: Friday 3rd – Sunday 5th March 2025
    • Module 3: Friday 21st – Sunday 23rd November 2025 
    • Module 4: Friday 20th – Sunday 22nd February 2026 (Chinese Medicine Module)
    • Module 5: Friday 17th – Sunday 19th April 2026
    • Module 6: Friday 15th – Sunday 17th May 2026
    • Module 7: Friday 21st – 23rd August 2026
    • Module 8: Friday 18th – Sunday 20th September 2026
    • Module 9: Friday 9th – Sunday 11th October 2026 (Chinese Medicine module)
    • Module 10: Friday 20th – Sunday 22nd November 2026 
    • Module 11: Friday 12th – Sunday 14th February 2027
    • Module 12: Friday 12th – Sunday 14th March 2027
    • Module 13: Friday 9th – Sunday 11th April 2027
    • Module 14: Friday 28th – Sunday 30th November 2027


    • Module 1: Thursday-Sunday, 9am til 6pm
    • Modules 2-13: Fridays 4pm til 8pm, Saturdays and Sundays 9am til 6pm

    Tutorials are on Monday nights after each Module (except Chinese Medicine modules and graduation weekend) at 4pm til 7pm.

    Elective Modules (modules 15-20) are flexible and dates are to be confirmed.

    Catering needs

    Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea are provided for full course days. 

    There will be 2 short breaks for morning and afternoon tea and one hour for lunch.

    During the evening class on Fridays, we offer a light supper and a short break sometime between 6 and 7pm.

    During the Monday afternoon tutorials, afternoon tea will be provided. 

    All food provided will be free of animal products and gluten-free options are available. Please let us know if you are celiac or have other dietary requirements or allergies.

    Payment options

    Payment plans are available for students who wish to pay monthly or weekly.

    Two annual Payments:

    Pay two payments of $4990, the first payable on registration and the second one year later.

    Monthly Payment Plan:
    Pay a deposit of $1380, followed by $400 monthly (x22 payments)

    Total Payable: $10,180

    Weekly Payment Plan 2: 
    Pay a deposit of $1030, followed by $110 weekly (x85 payments)

    Total Payable: $10,380

    Earlybird discount or other coupon codes will be deducted from the deposit or first payment amount during the checkout process.

    We accept payments via

    • paypal
    • direct bank transfer
    Cancellation Policy

    With 14 days notice, we will assist you to:

    • transfer your booking to the same course held at a later date, or
    • credit your payment toward another course of your choice, or
    • transfer your booking to another person

    Refunds and other options by personal arrangement.

    Courses canceled by Shiatsu Bodywork Academy are eligible for refunds.

    See our full return and refund policy

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