Autumn Falk

Autumn Falk

Academy Founder

Shiatsu Teacher

Autumn Falk is a Medical Herbalist, Naturopath and Shiatsu Practitioner.

Trained by leading herbalists and iridologists in Germany, at the “Institute of Phytotherapy” (IfP) in Berlin, she completed her 3 year training in 2007. After the statutory exams, she graduated as a naturopath in 2008.
During this training Autumn came into contact with Shiatsu and found this form of body work to provide a welcome balance within the busy mental activities of study. Autumn began her three year Shiatsu training at the Shiatsu Schule Kreuzberg (Berlin) alongside her Naturopathy studies.

Autumn was born and raised in Germany. Upon completion of high school, Autumn travelled in New Zealand and decided this was the country of her future home. At this time however, she returned to Germany, to study. Having gained her qualifications in Germany as a Naturopath and then Shiatsu practitioner, Autumn moved to New Zealand in 2009 and is happy to be growing her clinic in the beautiful Bay of Plenty.

Autumn started teaching Shiatsu in 2015 and founded the Shiatsu Bodywork Academy in 2020.

Autumn is an active member of the Shiatsu Association of Aotearoa New Zealand (SPAANZ)

Both of my primary Shiatsu teachers back in Germany, Harald Gierl and Chris Saleski, are strongly influenced by Master Ohashi and his Ohashiatsu method. I feel influenced by Ohashiatsu and Zen Shiatsu which were both part of my training. Working with the energetic body feels natural to me and I enjoy to use barefoot techniques and the healing scarf.

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Both of Autumn’s primary shiatsu teachers live and teach in Berlin, Germany.

Harald Gierl is a first generation Shiatsu practitioner in Germany and is very traditionally influenced by his teacher Wataru Ohashi, both in his therapy and his teaching. He is founder and teacher at the ‘Shiatsu Schule Kreuzberg’ in Berlin.

Chris Saleski was the first to engage Autumn’s interest in Shiatsu, and has become a teacher and mentor for her over the years. Chris studied to become a Shiatsu Practitioner and then teacher with Harald Gierl. But she also visited other teachers in Germany and learned a lot from Akinobu Kishi in particular, who regularly came from Japan to Germany. His completely different style at the time and the fact that he was also a Shinto Priest fascinated her, leading to her traveling to Japan with him. Chris also got to know Pauline Sasaki and Clifford Andrew’s work, and went to England to further her education there for a year. She now describes both Cliff Andrews and Carola Beresford-Cooke as companions, mentors and teachers.

Autumn studied Shiatsu at Harald Gierl’s school in Berlin, taking courses with both Harald and Chris. Since completion of her Practitioner Training in 2009, she has taken several opportunities to attend workshops, including several with Master Wataru Ohashi in Australia and Europe and feels strongly influenced by him.

Autumn is an active member of the Shiatsu Practitioners Association of Aotearoa (SPAA), where she has been treasurer, and committee member and is currently on the steering committee and the education committee.

Find out more about Autumn on her website: https://autumn-falk-naturopath.co.nz/

Lisa Houghton

Lisa Houghton is an acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine teacher


Chinese Medicine Teacher

Lisa is an acupuncturist, holistic therapist, akashic record reader and our dedicated Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) teacher.
In Lisa’s own words:
As with most of us, our journey into the healing arts begins in a story… mine was like a weaving, with strands of my own sensibilities and those of others in my life who shared their own fascination and devotion to holistic healing.
Into my weaving you will find strands of dietary exploration including Chinese Food Therapy, Whole Foods, Raw food, Gluten free, Vegan, Organic, home grown, Fermented, Herbs and Super foods. Along with somatic body awareness, acupuncture, dance, yoga and Earth walking. A very well explored terrain of self enquiry weaves an interesting section of embodiment, breathing, feeling, self understanding, relationship with self, intention and co creation. All laid at the feet of my greatest teachers our beloved Mother Earth and the Infinite ever present mystery of our being.
Lisa has a wealth of knowledge which she imparts as stories, and lived and embodied experience to her students.


Find out more about Lisa on her website: https://elementalnature.co/