Autumn Shiatsu Retreat

Shiatsu is the art of Japanese Massage, which integrates Chinese medicine theory and Japanese practice with Western physiology and anatomy. The word ‘Shiatsu’ comes from the Japanese words ‘shi’, which means finger and ‘atsu’, which means pressure. This pressure is created by the practitioners body weight through fingers, thumbs, elbows, forearms, feet and knees in contact with the recipients body.

Regular Shiatsu treatments can improve self awareness, energy levels, reduce pain, and maintain a physically and emotionally balanced state.

In this Autumn Shiatsu Retreat we will work with the Autumn element of metal – the element of structure, and the corresponding organs of Lung and Large Intestine.

Shiatsu Practical Learning

Empower yourself to attain self-awareness, consciousness, and well-being, and positively impact others!



17th & 18th May 2025


Katikati, Bay of Plenty


Autumn Falk


I enjoyed Autumn’s natural way to teach with humour and conversation, the analogies and relating the five element theory to everyday life and nature… reconnecting with my body and breath, and igniting my desire to learn and help others through bodywork.

I feel capable of giving a friend/parter a basic shiatsu massage. I have also been made more aware of energy and it’s involvement in health.

The chance to deeply relax over the two days… I feel still and calm.

A pleasure! From the moment I booked. The responses have been super fast… presentation wonderful, food delicious.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole course.

The combination of Autumn & Jenni is one this world needs.

Transform your well-being and enhance the lives of your friends and family.

Treat yourself to an immersive weekend of shiatsu and wellness.

Open to complete beginners to Shiatsu and bodywork.

Connect with other practitioners and likeminded people

Gain or refresh knowledge in the oriental context of the current season.

What you will learn

The Autumn Shiatsu Retreat focuses on the organs or Lung and Large Intestine and the corresponding metal element – the element on structure.

Following the expansion of summer and the harvest time, Autumn time begins the turning inwards, the quieting, holds the knowledge and awareness to watch nature and to let go.

We’ll work with our breath and with boundaries that are healthy.

Inspiring rituals and easy routines will help us connect with our own metal nature.

As with each Intro Course, we use the bladder meridian for learning and applying shiatsu techniques and practicing on. This meridian also helps with easing away tension and allowing relaxation.

Topics of the workshop include:

  • Breath work to open our lungs
  • Working with boundaries playfully
  • meeting and understanding the Autumn energies within our bodies and surroundings
  • learning basic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which are essential to the work of Shiatsu
  • sharing and connecting with one another
  • The aspects of the metal element such as discipline, routine, taking in and letting go will be experienced on another level
  • learn to give autumn related Shiatsu and be able to give a 45min Shiatsu treatment to family or friends
  • Shiatsu Bodywork and its TCM background will give us ways to experience and understand ourselves in this season and provides tools for better contact with ourselves when it comes to taking in and letting go

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone interested in Bodywork, Oriental Therapies, Japanese Massage, and Personal Growth & Development.

Open to men and women of any age.

Ideal for complete beginners of shiatsu and massage, and experienced practitioners alike. People who have attended and gained from this retreat include massage therapists, acupuncturists, shiatsu practitioners, yoga teachers, teachers of martial arts, athletes, and more!

Course Times

9am – 6pm Saturday and Sunday.

There will be two short breaks for morning and afternoon tea and a lunch break of 1 hour.

What's included

course fees include:

    • full 2 day course tuition
    • all course materials
    • lunch and morning and afternoon teas on both days

catering needs

All food provided will be free of animal products and gluten-free options are available. Please let us know if you are celiac or have other dietary requirements or allergies.

Payment options

We accept payments via

  • paypal
  • direct bank transfer

Please contact us directly if you would like to discuss payment plans for this course.

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Phone: 027 4595 898

Cancellation Policy

With 14 days notice, we will assist you to:

  • transfer your booking to the same course held at a later date, or
  • credit your payment toward another course of your choice, or
  • transfer your booking to another person

Refunds and other options by personal arrangement.

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