Shiatsu Intro – Weekend Course in Hamilton – April 2021


includes full 2 day course tuition, all course materials as well as morning and afternoon teas and lunch on Sunday and Monday

25th & 26th April 2021 (please note: Sunday-Monday dates)

Location: SunSalute Yoga Studio, 1/394 Grey Street, Hamilton East

Course times: 9am – 6pm Sunday and Monday (Anzac Weekend). There will be two short breaks for morning and afternoon tea and a lunch break of 1 hour.

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The introductory weekend course is for anyone interested in bodywork, personal growth and development. The course teaches the basic principles and techniques of Shiatsu Bodywork and enables participants to practice and experience what Shiatsu feels like as a giver and receiver.

Furthermore, each course has a theoretical focus on a particular Chinese element, depending on the time of year.

Participation in one Introductory Weekend Course is a pre-requisite for the Foundation Level Shiatsu Certificate and the Shiatsu Practitioner Training (Diploma in Shiatsu Therapy)

The Autumn Shiatsu Course focuses on the organs of Lung and Large Intestine and the corresponding metal element – the element of structure. 

Following the expansion of summer and the harvest time, Autumn time begins the turning inwards, the quieting, holds the knowledge and awareness to watch nature and to let go.

We’ll work with our breath and with boundaries that are healthy.

Inspiring rituals and easy routines will help us connect with our own metal nature.

Topics of the workshop include:

  • Breath work to open our lungs
  • Working with boundaries playfully
  • meeting and understanding the Autumn energies within our bodies and surroundings
  • learning basic TCM principles which are essential to the work of Shiatsu
  • sharing and connecting with one another
  • learn to give autumn related Shiatsu and be able to give a 45min Shiatsu treatment to family or friends!
  • Shiatsu Bodywork and its TCM background will give us ways to experience and understand ourselves in this season and provides tools for better contact with ourselves when it comes to taking in and letting go